Travel Business Intelligence & Analytic dashboards to boost your travel business insight

TRAVTICS helps travel agents to make an in-depth evaluation of how their business perform and identify untapped opportunities based on the existing sales and transaction data. Travtics transform agent’s transactional data into decisions by giving you a detailed analytics on who are your top ’n’ customers, profitable airlines, profitable destinations, demanding customers, etc. Travtics delivers information on traveler’s pattern of bookings and this information can be used to provide personalized / seasonal offers and can help travel agencies improve their business performance.

Airline PLB

  • Agencies can get into a better position.
  • Earn most profitable deals from airlines.
  • Helps travel agency to set airline wise sales target.
  • Comparison of the set target with the actual target gets easier.
  • Sales forecasting aid the business in achieving sales targets.

Detailed analytics on:

  • Top Airlines.
  • Top Destinations.
  • Top City Pairs.
  • Top Hotels.
  • Top Customers.

Budget dashboard

  • Forecasting and setting budget for the companies and for each cost centers becomes easier.
  • Comparison of predetermined and realistic budget gets easy.
  • Monitoring and tracking the budget based on location wise, service wise, department wise and department service wise gets much easier.

Staff dashboard

  • In-depth analysis of the productivity and performance of the staff.
  • Vital decisions related to the staff can be easily taken.