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E-Invoicing in KSA

Helping Travel Businesses
to achieve highest level of financial efficiency and operational excellence.

Technology is changing the world drastically; human experience is now being dominated by just a click of a button at the comfort of one’s home. Nucore Software Solutions has been providing travel technology solutions to the travel industry for 18+ years. Our state-of-the-art information technology automates workflows and processes eliminating human errors, unnecessary duplications, and unproductive rework. To know more about the TRAACS and Nucore Experience, watch the video

TRAACS empowers Your Travel Business with an increased financial control, profitability and revenue growth by equipping you with right set of tools to set and monitor the Key Performance Indicators.

Maintaining leadership in today’s highly competitive travel industry is a major challenge for both management and the technology they depend on. TRAACS provides management with not only the financial tools necessary to reduce overhead and operating costs but also provides the intelligence and insights to maximize revenues.

  • Increased Competitiveness
  • Digital Transformation
  • Rapid Growth Scalability
  • Comprehensive Solution
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Increased Operating Margin
  • Reduced Revenue Leakage
  • Increased Staff Productivity
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Unlocks Revenue opportunities

TRAACS Automates workflows and processes eliminating human errors, unnecessary duplications, and unproductive rework. Equally important, Nucore’s new generation of solutions provide managers with business intelligence – realtime insights needed for day-to-day operating, and long term management decisions.

TRAACS is best fit for Travel Business of any size

TRAACS can easily be configured to Single Branch Travel Agencies to Larger Travel Business Organizations with Multi – Country -Multi Branch, Online Travel Agents and Global Travel Management Companies.

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TRAACS Core Modules and Features

Boosting your operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Front Office and Auto Invoicing

Multi GDS Integration
LCC Integration
Hotel – Car -Visa
Insurance and Other Services
Service Fee / Discount

Back-office and Real Time Accounting

Realtime & Multi Currency
Flexible Chart of Accounts
General Ledger Modules
A/P – A/R Modules
Billing Tax and Fixed Assets

Mid-Office and Auto Reconciliation

Automatic Reconciliation for
BSP – LCC – Hotel
Other Non-Air Suppliers
Bank and Corporate Card
Auto Currency Revaluation

Financial and Operational Control

Realtime Credit Control
GDS & Booking Engines
Fraud detection – Prevention
Advanced Operational Dashboards

Advanced Financial and MIS Reporting

Daily Sales Report
Airline Reports
Supplier Reports
200 + Financial Reports
A/R – A/P Reports

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How TRAACS as online platform helped Travel Agents to overcome the disruption caused by covid -19.

COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation where all our Travel Agents clients to be enabled for a swift adaption of the New-Normal. TRAACS was one of such pandemic ready solutions placed well ahead of its regional competitors providing a platform with Remote & Paperless capability with Centrally Controlled Operation and smooth collaboration with your clients / sub agents and corporates. Read More

TRAACS Powers more than 800+ Travel Business Customers

  • 800 +
  • 43 +
  • 11000 +
    Users Processing
  • 60 MM +
    60 Million
  • $7 B +
    Revenues of more than
    $7 Billion USD
  • 3000 +
    User Locations

Well aligned and easily scalable to your
Organization’s IT and Growth strategy for The Digital Transformation

TRAACS Enterprise for Fully Integrated Agency Management Platform

Easily Scalable with Your IT and growth strategy, flexible to be deployed in your private clouds or on-premises IT deployments with safe, secure, and smooth back ward / forward integration capability. With its 3rd party API Integration capability all your technology systems for Travel business will interact to TRAACS and forms the platform driving your end-to-end Agency Management Functions.

Major Enterprise Add - Ons

    Travel Business
  • NuCEM
    for Customer
  • GDSMate
    For Unlocking
    Growth revenue
  • NuPay -The
    digital payment
  • BSP Link
    ADM & RA
  • Online
  • Corporate Card –
    payment data
  • TMC Data
  • Credit control
    and Subagent’s

The TRAACS Enterprise is uniquely designed
to suit any Travel Businesses

Large Travel

As an integrated travel agency management solution for control, direction, and the growth. When configured with other ad -ons and third-party modules, the resulting ERP total solution provides travel agents with the customized control and business acumen needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Online Travel

TRAACS bidirectional integration gives agents an end – to – end workflow from sales to billing and collection to receipt. Auto Invoicing – Real time Credit control – Auto Credit Card Reco with payment gateway – Scalable back-office capability as Online Sales Grows

Travel Management

TRAACS’ multi-client capabilities allow TMCs to manage the performance of individual corporate clients as well as it manages its own consolidated operations. TMC Data Handouts and multiple Corporate Card Management are few.
FCM, AMEX GBT, CWT, BCD, ATPI are Few TMCs powered by TRAACS.

TRAACS Saas Edition aligned with Zero CAPEX monthly Subscription model

  • Affordable, Reliable, and easily scalable Saas version
  • 24×7 Availability, Accessible Anywhere, Simple workflow, No Backup headache
  • Zero Cost, Infrastructure Admin, Robust & Secure, Forget about data loss worries.

Travel Agencies that have adopted cloud computing are flying high. Cloud computing has leveled the playing field enabling small businesses to compete head-to-head with larger enterprises. Customers no longer assume that larger means better. With nuTRAACS, smaller agencies can pull ahead of any competitor regardless of size.

Empowers Smaller agents to grow and stay competitive. Skip all your It Infra- structure, data headaches and Focus on your business strategy for growth.
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