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How TRAACS Product Helped Agents to Thrive In the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many business organizations to manage their operations with more than 90 percent of their staff working from home. This created huge challenges for businesses in many industries and businesses in the travel industry were no exception.
Throughout the pandemic, travel agencies were forced to figure out how to perform a wide variety of tasks remotely that they would have never imagined that they wouldn’t be able to perform in the office. These tasks included accounting, billing, collection, follow-ups, finance control, customer support, sales follow-up, customer support, and more.
In order to adapt to the business challenges of the pandemic, travel agents needed to find a remote work platform that enabled remote collaboration, activation, automation, and digitization of work processes and that could be controlled centrally.

Nucore was the Perfect Solution

Remote Work Support

Customer Engagement

Operational Efficiency

Cloud Architecture

Secure Remote Access

Operation Continuity

Secure Access


Digital Platform

Steady cash flow

Collection follow-up.

E-Invoice & auto email

Complete Automation

BSP Link Automation

Auto Invoice.

Credit Control.

Nucore’s TRAACS centric solutions provided a competitive edge to help travel agents to operate their business remotely with optimal efficiency. Our product enabled our clients to easily transition to the digital landscape and keep their businesses rolling right along, despite the massive interruptions and challenges caused by the pandemic.

Nucore helped travel agents with all of the following:


The TRAACS platform enabled travel agents to have zero revenue leakage through automation. The platform helped them to eliminate people dependency through process orientation, real-time accounting with integrated finance, and simplified multi-currency transactions. Travel agents experienced all of the following benefits by using TRAACS during the pandemic:

  • Strong Financial Control
  • Improved Credit Control
  • Reduced Dependence on Manpower
  • Zero Revenue Leakage
  • Zero Segment Revenue Leakage
  • Reduced Number of Daily Sales Outstanding

Business Intelligence

Thanks to TRAVTICS, Nucore’s business intelligence tool, travel agents were able to transform transactional data into strategic decisions that had a tremendous positive impact on their business. TRAVTICS allowed travel agents to gain incredible insights through advanced data analytics. With the help of TRAVTICs, travel agents were able to learn key information such as what their most profitable airlines were, what their most profitable travel destinations were, who their most profitable customers were, etc. TRAVTICS helped travel agents to do all of the following:

  • Get Better PLB Negotiations with Suppliers
  • Increase Airline PLB – Revenues
  • Create Employee Dashboards
  • Focus on Profitable Suppliers and Markets
  • Track Staff Performance For Staff Rewards and Recognition

Customer Engagement, Collaboration and Intelligence

Nucore’s CRM, TRAISE, provided travel agents with an incredibly strong and robust customer engagement platform that they were able to use to great effect. This CRM is tightly integrated with Nucore’s other software that manages the business’ primary financial and accounting processes – the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. TRAISE was specifically designed for travel agencies and it is optimized to support all of their needs. TRAISE uses TRAACS for financial management, which makes it even stronger and more ideal for travel agencies.
The most important features that travel agents were able to experience during the pandemic from TRAISE include:

  • Customer Profiles
  • CRM Customer Enquiries
  • Invoices and Statements
  • Service-Level Quality Tracking
  • Corporate Portal for Self-Service
  • Travel Customer Intelligence
  • Loyalty and Tracking Alerts

GDS Automation

Hidden Revenues, Quality Control and Customer Delight.

Nucore’s GDS automation tools helped travel agents to unleash hidden revenues, enforce quality and control policies, and increase customer engagement opportunities. Ultimately, travel agents were able to use GDS automation tools to obtain complete operational control, to automate their credit policies, and to provide significantly increased value to customers. Nucore’s robotic smart scripting tools helped to unleash hidden opportunities which could be delivered at the most relevant times.
5 GDS automation tools that were especially helpful to travel agents and that are available on all three of our GDS platforms include:

  • HX-Wiper
  • Itinerary Emailer
  • Credit Limit Control
  • Unused Ticket Tracker
  • Fare Saver

3rd Party Integration

Throughout the pandemic, it was essential for travel agents to be able to easily integrate with 3rd parties to keep their businesses running smoothly. Nucore provided them with easy and highly secure integration mechanisms through TRAACS.
The most important 3rd party integrations that Nucore offered travel agents were:

  • APIs for GDS Instant Credit Control
  • APIs Integration with Online Booking Engines
  • APIs for BSP RA for OTAs
  • Integration with BSP Link for RA Automation
  • 3rd Party Data handouts for VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Airplus
  • Integration with BSP Link for ADM Tracking
  • Data export for TMCs CWT, FCM, AMEX GBT, BCD, DNATA

Personnel ManPersonnel Management System for Payroll

Many travel agents struggled to figure out how to manage payroll digitally at the onset of the pandemic. Nucore provided them with the perfect solution: HR Mate. HR Mate is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System that integrates with TRAACS transactions. HR Mate automatically managed key human resources information for travel agencies such as payroll, attendance, vacations, personal leaves, and personnel profiles. HR Mate primarily interfaces with Bank Wages Protection Systems.