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E-Invoicing in KSA


As Data Transformation continues to evolve, TRAACS Agency ERP systems will continue to expand the integration of disparate systems to provide new and more powerful automated capabilites to reduce costs, remain competitive and better serve customers. In TRAACS, integration is much more than exchanging data. Data streams are analyzed for accuracty and used extensively to automate business processes and increase the capabilites of Nucore’s management platforms.

Global Distribution

Nucore’s integration with Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre. In addition to the API integration, the data is analyzed and used to automatie IATA BSP reconciliations, manage ADMs, RAs, reissuing, invoicing, and other previously manual-intensive tasks.

The LCC data capturing API service is aimed to provide a single platform for Travel Agents to extract ticket details from multiple LCC airlines they use for the purpose of Back office and mid office reporting. The data capturing happens via automated extraction from Agency portals using the agency credentials provided by the LCC carriers. This tool runs without the use of any Airline API subscription which brings this as a cheaper option for travel agent to enable a real time integration of their booking details to their back office system.

Low Cost


The data-handout module of TRAACS provides off-line integration capability to every TMC partner using Nucore’s system, thus ensuring seamless exchange of information required by respective global TMC Central Data Analytics System. Every TMC has their own unique data handout structure and TRAACS is currently certified for FCM Client Bank, CWT Glory, AMEX GBT and ATPI.

Possessing a strong API capability for the Mid-Back Office system is extremely important for any growing TRAVEL Business using Online Booking Platforms with a capability to ensure activities such as timely billing, credit control and accounting activities happens automatically. Employing human efforts to support this mid-back office activities of every online transaction becomes impossible as the business grows. TRAACS provides highly secure, safe and robust API providing all Back Office and Finance capabilities to achieve end-to-end digital transformation through extended 3rd party integrations. A majority of the companies using online booking platforms in the below given regions are TRAACS certified.

Booking Engines

Solution Providers

TRAACS enables Travel Agents to prepare periodic transaction report for the reconciliation between Corporate Card vendor and Supplier boosting the cashflow by getting timely approval and payments from Card Vendors. Preparing the weekly consolidation of the transactions with all required details as per different card vendors is a complex and risk-oriented task as the payment from vendor is fully dependent on the quality and accuracy of this report. TRAACS prepare this in a single transaction automatically and the handouts can easily be loaded to CARD vendors. TRAACS is certified and approved by all major Corporate Card Networks like AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, UATP and Airplus.

Other Major Integrations functional enabling complete automation are

IATA BSP Link Integration for