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Add-on solutions for your Travel Business to unlock the real benefits of End-To-End Travel Agency Management Platform

A one-stop solution to accelerate your business growth is by adopting customised and flexible technology platforms. The data-rich & multifunctional Add-on components of TRAACS, Nucore’s integrated travel agency management platform, has been playing a central role in enabling business successes for more than 600+ travel agencies across the globe. With the ability to manage multi-tiered organisational structure, cater to IT requirements and integrate with existing or client-selected systems, these innovative features of the Add-on components will not just help you achieve your digital goals but also make your company stand apart from your competitors.


Customer Engagement Platform

The Unique Travel CRM for Travel Agents

Today, engaging directly with customers on a personal basis has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to manage your customer value potential and subsequent revenues.

nuCEM provides agency and airline management with a wide range of customer programs that can be used as needed to enhance customer value and drive engagement.

Personalized Engagement
Corporate Engagement
Customer Loyalty Programs

The Travel Business Intelligence

Information alone, is insufficient to remain competitive over the next five years.

Industry leaders are already making decisions based on insights developed from their own financial systems. In the near future, machine learning and artificial intelligence will enhance the value of today’s insights. Major Dashboards in TRAVTICS are

Key Values: Strategic Insights * Sales and Profitability Track *Win-Win Negotiations * Trend, Direction and New Opportunities
Dashboard: Management Dashboard, Airline PLB, Top ‘N’ Customers, Top ‘N’ Airlines, Top ‘N’ Destinations, Budget Tracking


GDSMate –
Unlock the hidden potential in GDS

Hidden Revenues, Quality Control and Customer Delight.
Robotic smart scripting tools to unleash hidden revenues, enforce quality & control policies, and increased customer engagement opportunities. Essentially it brings Operational Control – Credit Policy Automation and added values to customers. Nucore’s GDS booking expertise and scripting capability combined here to unleash the hidden opportunities to deliver at this most relevant time.

Here are few such tools delivered in all 3 major GDS platforms.

Fare Saver | Unused Ticket Tracker
HX – Wiper | Itinerary Emailer

nuPay –
The Virtual Card Payment automation

NuPay combines recent FinTech Virtual Credit Card Account technology with a travel-centric automated payment process to simplify, streamline, and reduce staff and management time required to maintain cost-effective online credit payments. NuPay collects and attaches user-defined payment data to each transaction. Being positioned between a new Virtual Credit Card Account and your existing accounting system, NuPay can add transaction related information to payments that can be used to increase efficiencies across the entire organization.

NuPay advantages
Smoother Reconciliations
Improved Card Monitoring
Control on usage and Limit
Improved credit reporting for cash and liquidity management


BSP Link Automation for RA Issuance and

Submit your RAs to BSP Link in Single Click

The tool extracts exact PNR data elements from Back office or GDS, process, submit and generate RAin the BSP Link. This helps agents to avoid RA rejections due to the manual errors, save time due to bulk requirement of customer requests and save ADMs due to RA duplication.

SAVE upto 95% of your effort
Scheduled and and On-demand tracking of RA status

Credit Control System –
Real-time credit check & improved

Strengthen Cash Flow by automating your credit
control policy

Real-time credit check and improved cashflow.
Increased Debt Control and Strengthened Cash flow
Enforce your credit policy and Avoid Booking Staff’s dependency.
Smooth customer relationships with systematic follow-ups