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E-Invoicing in KSA

Customer Engagement
Management Benefits

  • Increased Customer
    satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased new accounts and
    market share
  • Increased revenue –
    generating resources
  • Increased margins from
    existing accounts
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Reduced manpower for
    customer and supplier
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How nuCEM brings this benefits to
your Travel Business

Manage Customer Engagements

  • Manage customer invoice, statement, and inquiry engagement through online Portal
  • Match travel consultants’ skills to type of inquiry
  • Route inquiries to assigned service specialists
  • Optimize Workflow as market conditions and SLA requirements change
  • Manage corporate and traveler accounts diferently
  • Analyze integrated and centralized engagement data
  • Apply new insights to engagement workflows

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Online self-service customer portal for invoicing, statements, and inquiries
  • Fast, accurate inquiry responses
  • An assigned customer service representative
  • A more Consistent, customer-expected engagement experience

Increase Agency Performance

  • Track and analyze inquiry workflow, staff, and SLA performance
  • Reassign reduced customer service staff to sales
  • Increase existing account revenue
  • Increase new-account revenue
  • Increased Customer and Supplier Loyalty

nuCEM - Why Customer Engagement Management?

CRM helped companies organize customer information by bringing sales, marketing, and customer support together into a single repository. An extension of CRM is experience management which targeted customer interfaces and actions under the assumption that a more satisfied customer would net a corporate benefit. Not being balanced with customer service costs, those benefits may or may not have been realized.

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Your Agency, Your CEM

nuCEM establishes a data-driven front office that benefits your agency and your customers. Automated workflows are more consistent and accurate while considerably less labor intensive. inquiries can be assigned and managed by type as well as financial value. Automated reminders, alerts, and escalated incidents ensure staff attention to achieve 100% SLA performance, nuCEM’s centralized customer engagement database enable fully informed decisions to be made without delays caused by manually searching for data, The result is a more satisfied customer base and an improved financial performance.

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More about nuCEM and FAQ

Travel is Like No Other - CRM is Not Enough

When introduced, CRM enabled accelerated growth in many industries, including travel. However, to optimize the customer facing operations an industry specific engagement process using industry specific information is inescapable and therefore an absolute necessity.



Combining nuCEM with Nucore’s Agency Management Platform enhances benefits. nuCEM is “TRAACS Ready” and can be integrated at any time with TRAACS…

Mar 30,2021 | Suhail VP

Customer Engagement – the New CRM

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