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E-Invoicing in KSA
  • To meet customer demands better than your competitors, your front office needs to make data-driven decisions. nuCEM does that.
  • To respond to customers in a timely manner, your consultants are going to need
    instant access to all customer information. nuCEM does that.
  • To reduce labor, you need to streamline and automate your engagement process. nuCEM does that.
  • To keep customers happy, 100% of SLA terms and conditions must be met.
    nuCEM does that.
  • To increase revenues by 40% at no additional cost, you need to manage customer engagements. nuCEM does that.

nuCEM Engagement Data

  • Traditional CRM information
  • Supplier inquiry history
  • SLA terms and conditions
  • Customer travel and inquiry history, GDS data (PNR)
  • Omni-channel inquiry collection (email, phone, walk-in and customer portal)
  • Financial data (SOA, balance, invoices)
  • Job card creation

nuCEM Automated Process

  • Auto job card routing to assigned travel consultant
  • Streamlined, step-by-step workflow
  • Auto access to job card related information
  • Auto prioritizing, tracking and alerts
  • Auto escalation of overdue job cards
  • Auto scheduling of follow ups
  • Auto inquiry response, resolution, follow-ups and transmittals.

nuCEM - Engagement
Management Platform

nuCEM provides managers with the informations and tools necessary to optimize customer and supplier engagement from creation to resolution. nuCEM supports management changes through client-defined settings that automatically alter the engagement process.

  • Assign, track and report inquiries by category
  • Match consultant skills with and inquiry categories
  • Set SLA performance metrics
  • Define and track workflow, reminders and alerts
  • Analyze customer engagement efficiency and effectiveness
  • Analyze staff performance
  • Optimize your engagement process within your business model
  • Off load labor with an online self service customer portal