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E-Invoicing in KSA

How TRAACS helps your Travel Agency to prepare towards E-Invoicing mandate by ZATCA Saudi Arabia ?

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As the E-invoicing rollout in Saudi Arabia is happening in two phases, the first phase being implemented from Dec 04th, 2021 onwards, with a simplified scope. The second phase from Jan 1st, 2023 will be rolling out for the people to be included in the tax bracket in stages. Not all the taxpayers will come on to phase 2 at the same time. The taxpayers will be given adequate time of around six months as advance notice. In this blog we are discussing how phase 1 readiness is implemented in TRAACS, The leading Travel Agency Billing and Accounting system in Saudi Arabia.

Getting Ready towards phase 1 rollout – Dec 4 2021:

In Phase 1, the mandatory requirements are:

  • People will have to move out of manual invoices and move into an electronic invoice solution.
  • The invoices must include the buyer’s VAT number on the Invoice when the buyer is VAT registered.
  • The people should add a QR code to the e-invoice (whether it is B2C or B2B)
  • There are no mandated formats to use. However, people can use the pre-approved official Phase 2 format earlier and integrate with the authority earlier. There are no requirements in Phase 1 for the solution provider to be certified by the administration.
  • Your invoices must be approved by the tax administration so that they can exchange them between the trading parties. Reporting of the invoices follows this phase.

TRAACS  is certified by ZATCA Authority

Nucore, one of the pioneer in providing innovative Trvael Agency Solutions,  had  already taken up the required steps in making TRAACS compliant with E-Invocing requirements mandated by ZATCA. All those guidelines for phase 1 are rolled out  well ahead of time giving enoug time for our customers to configure, test and calibrate as per their custom format meeting the ZATCA standards. . Nucore’s technical team, work closely with the Travel agency customer and implemented all these 14 points in their TAX Invoice for their customers.

How E-Invoicing can be generated in TRAACS System, Step by Step Process.

STEP 1: Enable the admin settings named “Enable E-Invoice with QR Code” in TRAACS to enable E-Invoice feature for the clients.

STEP 2: Note down the default INVOICE VAT FORMAT for the client in admin settings

STEP 3: Choose that default format in the print settings module and search for its current settings.

STEP 4: Turn ON QR code for the chosen format in print settings module and set the QR code position and its dimensions manually as per print size.

STEP 5: Create an Invoice and STAMP the QR code by clicking the QR code symbol so that the QR code color will change to GREEN from BLACK with a successful message showing as “QR Code generated successfully”. Once the success message shown, Take print out of TAX INVOICE and client can able to visible the QR code on print out
Step 6: Verify the invoice format generated by comparing the ZATCA format.

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Easy method to check whether your provider is approved vendor by ZACTA

If you want to know whether your existing Accounting vendor is approved by ZATCA, here is an easy way. Click below link and check for your accounting service provider name


If your Accounting service provider is approved, it should be listed as below