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E-Invoicing in KSA


Combining nuCEM with Nucore’s Agency Management Platform enhances benefits. nuCEM is “TRAACS Ready” and can be integrated at any time with TRAACS, a real time finance and accounting system designed “for travel by travel”. Adding real time financial information for front office access during customer engagement reduces the number of follow up engagements per inquiry. The front office becomes a fully data-driven service provider.

  • Add financial information to nuCEM’s data repository (SOA, credit, balance, invoices)
  • Add engagement data to back-office applications
  • Expand management insights with TRAISE travel Intelligence
  • Monitor engagement profitability by inquiry type, response time, staffing, etc.
  • Analyze nuCEM sale conversions
  • Trace profitability by customer or supplier engagement category
  • Generate invoices during customer engagements
  • Create a full-featured Engagement MIS
    management tool with custom reports and
    management dashboards
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