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E-Invoicing in KSA

GDS Mate

Smart Saver –Smarter ways to fetch lower airfares.

  • Smart Saver enables a travel agent to find the lowest possible fare for their client. It integrates with both the GDS and the back office accounting system with two-fold benefits.
  • Firstly, the system effectively places the agent at the front of the queue for newly released seats at the lowest fares. The system constantly monitors the airlines’ reservation systems to find available seats at the lowest fares on flights the customer wants to travel on, alerting the agent as soon as they are available.
  • Secondly, the system allows travel agents to search for cheaper fares for customers who already have bookings. If the system identifies a cheaper ticket for an itinerary booked through the travel agency it will automatically alert the agent, allowing them to rebook at the lower fare and release the original, higher priced seat. This effectively creates a hidden revenue stream for travel agents and can be done right up to the point of travel.
  • If a travel agent runs the tool on a dedicated computer it will search for fares throughout the day, making money for the business owner with minimal staff input.

Unused Ticket Manager- Unlocking hidden revenue by listing unused segments.

  • The Unused Ticket Manager is an automated system that integrates with the GDS and travel agency’s back office systems to identify any unused or ‘open status’ airline tickets or ticket segment. It will alert the agent by email when the one-year time frame for a refund is ending, enabling the agent to secure refunds on appropriate tickets before they are automatically cancelled.
  • The tool provides travel agents with a hidden revenue stream if the customer does not request a refund of an unused ticket or ticket segment.

Seat Finder –Grab seat for your valued customers.

  • Seat Finder allows a travel agent to give customers, particularly corporate customers, an enhanced service by securing otherwise unobtainable airline seats on sold out routes.
  • The tool integrates with the GDS system and the agency’s back office systems keeping customers’ travel requirements in the portal. It then automatically, and constantly, searches for available tickets. This means that a newly released or cancelled seat is immediately picked up by the system and automatically reserved for the customer.
  • If a travel agent runs the tool 24/7 on a dedicated computer it will search for fares even whilst the business is closed, providing an excellent service for customers without any staff input.