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TRAACS – an integrated travel solution for management contol, direction, and growth.

TRAACS is the primary software component of Nucore’s Agency Management Platform. When configured with Nucore and third party modules, the resulting ERP total solution provides travel agents with the customized control and business acumen needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Online Travel

Nucore’s web-based Agency Management Platform is “THE” solution for Online Travel Agencies.

For OTA’s, online connectivity defines its business. TRAACS bidirectional integration gives agents an end-to-end workflow from sales to billing and collection to receipt. Workflow is seamless between the front and back office with information exchanged instantly.

Travel Management Companies

Providing third party travel services requires a multi-client, feature-rich platform.

TRAACS’ multi-client capabilities allow TMCs to manage the performance of individual corporate clients as well as it manages its own consolidated operations. Two examples are separate Data Handouts for AMEX GBT, FCM, etc. for HQ & franchised agents & mutliple Corporate Card Managment for different TMC clients & HQ.

TRAACS, The Nucore Agency Management platforms bring improved performance, management business insight, and scalability to travel agencies, online agencies, agencies serving multiple corporate clients (Travel Management Companies) and small to medium airlines. Continuous Nucore software development, third party integrations and functional add-ons ensure user competitiveness for the years to come. All Nucore platforms avoid most, if not all licensing and API related costs. Implementing Nucore in an on- going business can be completed in as little as three to four months without business interruption.

Nucore's Agency Management Platform

The most important component of any travel agency’s information technology is the core capabilities of its financial system. The original TRAACS backoffice accounting application has evolved into an industry recognized leader in setting travel agency performance benchmarks. As the foundation of Nucore’s Travel Agency Management Platform, TRAACS integrations of multiple airline Global Distribution Systems, and other third party travel applications including booking and payment systems has established Nucore as a leader in ERP solutions for independent travel agencies and travel management companies.

Major Integrations

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TRAACS has a growing number of Add-Ons that provide a continuous enhancement of agency functionality, particulary in automation and management of previously manually-driven workflows and processes such as real time credit card alerts and Business Intelligence analytics.

Add on Modules

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Agency Managment Platforms are updated quarterly at no extras cost to Nucore clients. Frequent updates residing on a highly scalable platform ensure client agencies have the most competitive solution at any given time and one that can grow as fast as the agency can grow.


200+ Standard Reports
Customized Dashboards
Franchise Management
Business Intelligence
Revenue Sourcing
Audit Trails


Budget Variances
Staff Performance
Asset Management
Customer Engagement
Technology Development
Data Repository


Modular Functionality
Process Automation
APIs, Integrations
Multiple Platform


Online Customer Portal
Usage/Loyalty Monitoring
Service Quality Tracking
Enriched Profile Data
Inquiry Management
SMS Itinerary


Comprehensive Financials
200+ Management Reports
Automatic Reconciliations
Background Processing
3-Tier Cust. Service
Revenue Leakage


Integrated GDS,
Bookings & Payments
Alerts, Realtime Itinerary
Fare Savings
Unused Ticket Management
Credit Limit Supervision