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nuCEM –The Customer Engagement Platform

A data-driven front-office for Travel Agencies, helping travel agents to generate 40+% more revenue from your corporate clients with existing resources

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nuCEM – Why Customer Engagement Management?

Traditional CRM helped companies organize customer information by bringing sales, marketing, and customer support together into a single repository.  An extension of CRM is experience management which targeted customer interfaces and actions under the assumption that a more satisfied customer would net a corporate benefit. Not being balanced with customer service costs, benefits may or may not have been realized.

nuCEM advances beyond CRM by creating a centralized customer engagement repository and defining customer and supplier engagement workflows, then automating the process. When integrated with a back office financial system, nuCEM’s repository can include financial data. Nucore’s nuCEM is a powerful new management tool specifically designed for the travel service industry. nuCEM decreases costs per engagement while increasing revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction.