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The benefits of Continuous Innovation & Quarterly Upgrades

For Your Customers

Nucore provides quarterly IT updates to all clients at no charge because winning customers and keeping them satisfied is a constant challenge. Staying ahead of competition demands new and better service on an on-going basis. Updating IT cannot wait until customer demands exceed the ability to deliver acceptable service.

Nucore Responds to COVID-19 Refund Requests

When COVID-19 disrupted travel, agencies faced unprecedented customer demands for refunds. At the same time, GDS procedures demanded that Refund Applications (RAs) be submitted manually using the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) link.

In response to the GSD policy changes, Nucore developed a native plug-in for TRAACS that automates the BSP link and allows refunds to be filed individually, or in bulk, by Passenger Name Record (PNR).

By automating the BSP RA link, customers now receive refunds without error or delays incurred by other agencies.

For Your Agency

In addition to better serving customers, automating the BSP RA process, helps agency performance by reducing labor costs. Another recent Nucore innovation addresses revenue leakage.

Nucore Automates ADM Tracking

Carriers used to have more than 500 reasons to issue an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) or agency fine. Although reasons have been reduced to 138 standard codes, determining an ADM reason can still be time consuming.

According to IATA, the average agency administrative cost of an ADM is $31 for labor and $15 for external fees or a total of $46 which exceeds 20% of the average ADM fine.

Nucore innovation provided agents with a quarterly update that provides ADM tracking by automating the BSP portal access and drills down to the ADM detail, saving staff labor.  ADM detail also uncovers the reasons for ADMs that management needs to avoid the issuance of future ADMs by each category of avoidable reasons.

The Nucore Value Proposition

Nucore’s unique value proposition is its agile development process and designed-in ability to continuously advance automation and update agency service offerings.

Over more than a decade, our clients migrated through numerous feature enhancements, architectural upgrades, and platform deployments becoming convinced that Nucore is, indeed, “The Way Forward”.


Head Mr. Suhail V.P has expertise in deployment of IT- enabled systems (ITES), with expertise in air travel & car rental industries and has dedicated career in design and development of customized ERP for car rental companies. He is an alumni of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, with a post graduation in Computer Application.