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The benefits of the Nucore Agency Management Platform

Real Time Information

Managing a real time business requires real time information. To be a proactive leader instead of reactive follower, you need to know the status of your business and the potential impact of your actions at the time you make decisions. Nucore maintains all accounts and financial reporting on a real time basis.

Knowing a supplier’s statement, especially a non-airline’s account status, immediately after processing invoices helps prevent balances from reaching unacceptable levels. If an end-of-month, or Novartis unit teams up with marijuana producer, a milestone for pharma hcg pct for sale which hormone favors anabolic metabolic pathways, which hormone is anabolic — hib_lab even an end-of-day (permanent or temporary) financial close is required before accurate statements are available, then it may be too late to avoid inappropriate or costly decisions.

Knowing your agency’s accounts payables and receivables, general ledger, or any other financial statement or management report is critical to making the right day-to-day or even hour-to-hour decisions particularly in times of an active pandemic or political unrest when financial situations can be volatile and unpredictable.

Real time data allows management to be among the first to recognize and act on competitive trends, market shifts and industry regulatory and policy changes, especially if business intelligence and analytical software, such as Nucore’s TRAVTICS, is used to provide management insights on a frequent basis to improve performance.

Access Privileges

Controlling access to financial information is important to your customers, vendors, banks, business partners, and your own reputation. Nucore’s access privileges can be defined by individual, function, or type of financial activity on an easy to update, need-to-know basis.

If financial information were to get in the wrong hands, severe consequences that cannot be undone may occur. If you do not have the control you need in place, install Nucore now.


Head Mr. Suhail V.P has expertise in deployment of IT- enabled systems (ITES), with expertise in air travel & car rental industries and has dedicated career in design and development of customized ERP for car rental companies. He is an alumni of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, with a post graduation in Computer Application.