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E-Invoicing in KSA


  • Traise is a unique and integrated solution designed to enhance the operations of a travel agency business. It brings all the reservation and management systems utilized by a travel business together to provide a seamless operation, giving management an overview of the entire operation in one system.
  • Traise integrates all business support systems from GDS booking and reservation systems (such as Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre), accounting and back office solutions, business intelligence reporting systems and marketing tools to ensure all information is instantly available to agents. Similarly, the system is invaluable when it comes to collating, retaining and reviewing customer feedback. It gives agents information on past bookings at a click of a button which can really enhance the customers’ perception of the service they have received and drive loyalty and repeat business to the travel agent.
  • The system allows the entire booking process to be automated, giving clarity and transparency to management so that they retain control over all transactions happening within the organization.
  • Traise takes away the risk of potential human error of a missed payment or tickets not being issued. From the moment that the agent takes the customers’ booking, Traise takes care of everything from issuing the customer’s travel documentation to invoicing and reconciling payments. This work-flow automation ensures that all payment reminders are sent to the customer in a timely manner and the customer is sent any itinerary changes or important information without an agent needing to take action. Every communication to and from customers is logged, whether that be email, phone calls or WhatsApp, ensuring a detailed record is kept of the entire transaction and customer relationship.
  • The system holds data on customers including Frequent Flier Program Membership and past and future travel itineraries. It allows travel agencies to personalize marketing campaigns for existing customers, based on past preferences as well as their loyalty ranking. Similarly, prospective customers can be targeted with a personalized campaign based on previous enquiries.
  • Traise provides corporate customers with a customer portal which they can use to monitor purchases made by employees as well as quickly and easily viewing statements on current spend. Reports can be customized and run on demand, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Traise also enables management to measure their staff’s performance including sales conversion rates and response times to ensure operational efficiency is maximized. Reports can be run based on categorizations of staff by department and job role to ease people management.

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