• Company: ATTAR
    Industry: Travel
    Location: KSA
  • Problem:
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  • Solution:
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Founded in 1952, Attar Travel is one of the oldest agencies in Saudi Arabia with more than 42 offices throughout the entire Kingdom. all-in-one-travel is an exclusive hotel B2B brand of ATTAR Travels that has been operational with TRAACS ERP since January 2015.


All In One Tours – Hotel B2B , TRAACS – ERP for Mid – Back  Office Management of All-in -one-travel . A hotel B2B unit owned by ATTAR travels  having entities in Turkey, UAE and Egypt.

Objectives pursued

  • Instant Voucher Creation in Back-office System and Customer Billing.
  • Reduce manual effort of billing and financial accounting process
  • Improved Customer Experience by providing timely and accurate Statement of Accounts
  • Maintain smooth supplier relationship –
    • Supplier reconciliation, Supplier statements
    • Payback commission reconciliation and settlement


TRAACS-ERP offers APIs for integrating various online booking engines for hotel as well as Air tickets.  The B2B platform provides API for pulling all the vouchers sold in the platform which are pending to be billed in the TRAACS-ERP. An interface script deployed by TRAACS-ERP  will run a periodic scan on the API to fetch any fresh hotel vouchers issued in the portal and populate to TRAACS-ERP after required validations and controls. Once the vouchers are captured in TRAACS-ERP, automatic invoicing happens inside TRAACS and if configured with proper email credential for the respective Customer.

Output and benefits

  • 0% missed billings and related losses.
  • Timely invoice creation and automatic emailing.
  • Reducing the collection cycle and reduction in bad debts
  • Minimising the bad debts with real time follow ups
  • Strengthening the financial internal control system.
  • 50 % of reduction manpower requirement
  • Supplier reconciliation with zero error