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E-Invoicing in KSA

Itrip online - the fastest growing
online B2B platform in KSA.

A subsidiary of Fursan Travels


  • Company: Itrip-online.com
    Industry: Travel – Hotel OTA
    Location: KSA
  • Problem:
    Handling the large volume of sales, billing, collection, supplier payments and complex reconciliation.
  • Solution:
    Strong back office platform with automation and API integration capabilities.

Founded in 2012, Itrip became one of the fastest growing online Business to Business suppliers. Itrip is a subsidiary of FLT, one of the largest Travel companies in the Middle East and North Africa region, with a solid foundation of 29 years continuous operations Worldwide.

They have more than 350,000 Hotels and Resorts worldwide via multiple suppliers, and direct contracts with hotel chains and independent properties. They offer last room availability in the busiest hotels, and instant confirmation in very simple steps. From city hotels, to exotic resorts, to serviced apartments and airport hotels, the network covers all needs.


The Business to Business platform which delivers the best product with the most competitive rates requires the latest technology to provide better results. Incorporating TRAACS-ERP for Itrip’s Mid office and Back office system was the best foot forward for Itrip.
As a fast growing Hotel B2B platform of the region, Itrip required a strong back office platform capable of handling the large volume of sales, billing, collection, supplier payments and smooth reconciliation among the key stakeholders involved.
TRAACS ERP was implemented in mid 2016 as an integrated platform for Mid Back Office operations integrating with all of itrip hotel B2B platforms.

Itrip requirements

TRAACS-ERP system will help Improving Customer experience by providing timely & accurate statement

Itrip wanted to integrate with the Back Office system for automated billing which helps in automating the routine, but complex billing functions. This will reduce manual efforts in customer billing, increase accuracy and improve operational efficiency. Another aspect required to be incorporated is to bring strong financial control by instant credit limit checks. By combining data from an integrated booking system with an integrated credit control system to provide real time credit limit control before booking a transaction which eliminates non-pay ments, cancellations, ticket re-issues, ADMs, and penalties before they occur. Improving Customer Experience by providing timely and accurate Statement of Accounts was another requirement which TRAACS-ERP system will help them to achieve. Finally, to have a hassle-free Supplier relationship and zero error in supplier reconciliation, Itrip wanted an automatic Supplier reconciliation and supplier payback commission reconciliation and settlement.

Nucore's Approach

How we incorporated all the requirements and possible suggestions for Itrip is, first by mapping the customer requirements to TRAACS ERP functionalities and the hotel B2B integration was implemented by the API integration with B2B platform. The B2B platform provides API for pulling all the vouchers sold in the platform which are pending to be billed in the TRAACS-ERP. An interface script deployed by TRAACS-ERP will run a periodic scan on the API to fetch any new hotel vouchers issued in the portal & populate to TRAACS-ERP after required validations and control.
Once the vouchers are captured in TRAACS-ERP, automatic invoicing happens inside TRAACS & if configured with proper email credentials for the respective customer the invoice copy will emailed to customer instantly.


One of the major enhancements is in the performance improvement which happened because of the inclusion of Real Time Invoicing in Itrip. The real time updates to customers by automatic emailing improved customer experience and it will also increase the trust of customers towards the service. Order to Cash cycle of Itrips got reduced. That is, the time taken by the business to receive, process, manage, and complete the orders got reduced substantially.Cash flow analysis and financial internal controls of Itrips got improved as a result of incorporating TRAACS-ERP. Another major change happened is by deploying an alternate channel which helped in effective manpower utilisation. As per the requirement of Itrip, to have an Automatic Supplier reconciliation and Supplier payback commission reconciliation and settlement, TRAACS-ERP system helped in Supplier reconciliation with zero error keeping a hassle-free Supplier relationship.